Only an hour west of Helsinki and you are in the great outdoors - let your thoughts fly - or
calm down…

The harsh, beautiful forests, scenic lakes and paths that stroll in between take you on an unforgettable trip to Västerby natural area. You will enjoy the peacefulness of nature and you can relax by the campfire with coffee and snacks.

Matti will tell You interesting things about Finnish nature: animals, birds, plants and fungi.
We may be able to pick mushrooms or berries with us.

On the way You will see a variety of Finnish forest types, You can also hear a raven, explore animal tracks, mosses, lichens and in the fall You can see large flocks of geese flying south.

Västerby trail in Tammisaari

Tour in the Tammisaari Storträsket (lake forest heritage) with coffee made in the campfire takes about three hours,
length of the walking tour is five to seven kilometers depending on the route .
The trip can continue to Långträsk Lake lean-to, situated on a beautiful cliff top and enjoy the tranquility of the wilderness by a campfire This route is about seven km, duration three to four hours.
Along the route there are two lean-to shelters, two dry toilets. You can also swim in the lakes.
Wilderness-Matti is with You the whole time.

Bookings can be made the Tourist Information Centre or directly from Matti

The price: 50 € / person

Tour includes
- Guidance & Tutorial

Additional costs:
Campfire Coffee and sausage (during the forest fire warning, lunch in a box)

Take with you on the trip:

- Backpack (to back Your lunch, swimwear etc)
- Good, sturdy shoes

- Clothing according to the weather

Matti has liability insurance, but remember your own insurance
Tour is unfortunately not suitable for the disabled.
Guidance will be held in English


Fiskars and Rissla nature trail

Cultural landscape of Fiskars, beautiful forests, scenic lakes, ridges, streams and  paths take you on an unforgettable trip to the Rissla nature trail, which is in the immediate vicinity of Fiskars. You will enjoy the tranquility of nature and you can relax by the campfire at the shelter, enjoy a cup of coffee.
Matti tells you facts from nature, animals, birds, plants, fungi.
We can pick up mushrooms or berries that you can take with you back home!
You’ll have the chance to see a variety of forest types, get to know how forest management is done, and we'll look at the history of the region. We can explore animal tracks, mosses, lichens, we might even see deer or white-tailed deer if we’re lucky.

To your nature trail, you can combine the guided tour of the Fiskars village approx. 1 hour, in this tour you will hear stories about the birth of the industrialization in Finland!

The tour takes approx. 2-3 hours.
At the shelter, you can enjoy your own food by the campfire.

Matti is with you throughout the tour.

Reservations directly from Matti: matti@guidematti.fi

• Contact us if your group is more than 15 people

Nature trail, the price is 50 € / person

Fiskars village tour: 85 € / group

Tour includes

• Guided tour
• at extra cost Matti can arrange: campfire coffee and sausage, or the like.

Take with you on the trip:

• backpack (where you can pack your own lunch)
• Good, sturdy shoes
• equipment and clothing according to the weather.

Matti has liability insurance, but remember your own insurance, just in case.

The tour is unfortunately not suitable for disabled people.