Welcome to Finland , Western Uusimaa, Finland Matti and the southernmost part of Finland. G uided tours at sea, nature and historical sites. Matti’s guided tours in Finnish and English.You are welcomed to spent days at sea, nature and historic surroundings in guided tours, without forgetting your own time!

Matti Piirainen is experienced professional guide. Through the years, Matti has guided from hiking trips in the wilderness of Lapland to bus tours from Nordkapp to the Alps. Now Matti is living in Tammisaari, Western-Uusimaa, and he wants to share the beauty of the nature and fascinating stories with you on his guided trips.

Guided trips with Matti offer you three different environments:


Nature walks into the forests of Grabbskog. Although the area is located right in the vicinity of Tammisaari, silence of the wilderness and staggering nature is heart warming. You can book a hike for your own group or you can join on of the organized walks during the summer.


Finnish Archipelago is one of the worlds largest, and within Tammisaari region more than 1300 islands. Matti is a licensed charter boat operator and possess a good knowledge of the archipelago. Trip to the archipelago can be arranged for a group of five. Fishing trips can be arranged for two guests.


Guided tours

Tammisaari, founded in 1546 and Fiskars iron works, founded in 1649 offers a variety of interesting stories. Both locations are charming in all seasons. Guided walking tours offered in Tammisaari every Wednesday during summer. Guided tours in both locations are offered by request throughout the year.

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